10 Easy To Follow WordPress Hacks For Developers


WordPress currently tops the list of the three most often used website building packages globally. Exceptionally, it powers 35% of the Internet.

Wordpress Quote

One of the key aspects of its popularity is that it allows users to adapt in many ways. The site is flexible to meet the needs for blogging, e-commerce as an example. Simultaneously, it contains other benefits that are not limited to aspects such as:

  1. It is flexible and adaptable for different needs,
  2. It’s free,
  3. It’s  easy to customise with themes and plugins,
  4. It is SEO friendly,
  5. It’s safe and secure,
  6. It can handle different media types,
  7. The WordPress Community Offers Support.

The popularity of WordPress has resulted in the availability of a wide range of tips and tricks being accessible in order to take customising one step further. Amazingly, it provides opportunities to update, change, edit or modify your content in the most convenient manner. Furthermore, if you want to unleash the true and full power of WordPress, let’s review the following hacks that will help you to do so.

It’s time to hack!

1. Delay Posts in RSS Feeds

Did it happen to you, that you have accidentally published an article before it was ready to go? Well, the majority of us have been there. Of course, you can simply unpublish the article and continue editing it.

Unfortunately, email subscribers and RSS feed readers may already received the article in their inbox. If you want to avoid this and delay posts from your RSS feed there is an easy fix.

You can add the following code to the functions.php file of your theme or a site-specific plugin.




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