Do you use Linkedin company page to its fullest potential to market your business?

And do you remember the last time that you updated your Linkedin page? Does it render your brand perfectly, attract prospective clients and showcase your business as a strong authority in the relevant field?

Statistics show that Linkedin has over 414.000.000 million members.

Today many small and large businesses set up Linkedin company page but are not quite sure whether they are doing everything in the way that they should, whether their pages provide value to their audience while letting them engage with their business and whether their page/business is accepted as a trusted resource.

Go on reading and discover 4 advanced tips to boost your Linkedin business page.


#1 Create Showcase Pages

The Showcase Pages are extensions of your Company Page, designed for spotlighting a brand, business unit, or initiative. You are allowed to promote a specific product or service that your business offers, share specific content with a targeted audience and more importantly, create relationships that matter.

Look to the right of the Microsoft’s page and you will see how the showcase pages will show up on your main page.


Showcase Pages

Showcase Pages

Showcase pages will give you the privilege to upload a new logo/banner specifying your featured product.

Let’s say you have a travel agency and you want to highlight that you have great deals for a specific destination. So set up showcase pages and specify your best selling packages. Meanwhile, you can follow your stats.

Note: You can set up maximum 10 showcase pages, so carefully choose the best deals and services.


#2 Add Keywords to Your Profile

Linkedin profiles are searchable so make sure to add keywords in your profile information so that your profile can come up whenever people make searches in the relevant field.


#3 Add a “Follow Us” Button

Remember, all social media users are always looking for easy ways to engage with their favourite groups, pages or the pages that can give them value and needed services.

So make sure you have that easy-to-install button on your page that meanwhile will help you increase your traffic and engagement.


#4 Write Feed/Comment Worthy Updates

Having feed/comment worthy content is crucial for any business page. There are several tactics that can lead you to more engagement such as:

  • Ask questions.
  • Tell your audience about unique statistics.
  • Share a worthy link


Do you want more exposure for your business on LinkedIn? Just follow these tips and contact us for always keeping your individual brands in the spotlight.



How does your Linkedin company page perform for  your business? Share your insights with us!

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