4 Social Media Trends You Need to Know About for Next Year


The holiday season is quickly approaching and 2018 is just a few months away.

Did you know that Social Media is giving a great opportunity to your brand to shine to its fullest and to attract attention to your brand?  And you either take the advantage of the opportunity or your competitors will.

This is constantly changing game, and it’s high time to start planning your Social Media Marketing Strategy for the upcoming year. In order to be successful, one needs to know what the latest trends are.

Entrepreneur has shortlisted four Social Media trends you need to start focusing on immediately.

#1 Chatbots have arrived. You need to master them!

“Social media is the hub for customer interaction, and it’s becoming necessary for every business to acknowledge this, even service-based businesses. The most attractive aspect of utilizing a chatbot is the ability to provide instant engagement that feels personal. Chatbots are there for your customers around the clock,” says James Memije, founder of AccuServ Heating & Air Conditioning.

#2 Social media needs to be entirely mobile-focused!

Did you know that 84 percent of its advertising revenue from mobile – making it clear as day that the majority of social media users are on their phones.

“The content you post on social media needs to feature calls-to-action that have the mobile user in mind. They already have their phone in hand, so take advantage of the opportunity and create content that triggers an action,” advises Catherine Jacobs, COO of McQuarrie Hunter LLP.

#3 Don’t eliminate platforms because of feature similarities.

You can’t eliminate a social media channel based on features alone, doing so can possibly eliminate your ability to reach certain demographics and audiences.

“Snapchat is still the more popular option among the younger demographic, while Instagram is the Millennials social network of choice. Facebook is the option the older demographic is comfortable with, and it now has a ‘Stories’ feature as well. So, while these three all have the same feature, they are favored by different audiences,” explains Yosef Adelman, CEO of Falcon Marketing.

#4 Video needs to be part of your content strategy!

It is an open secret that video content continues to BOOM, and Facebook ads that feature video are attracting more engagement.

“Snapchat is heavily video-content based, as is Instagram’s Stories feature, proving how video is the dominating content format on social media right now. Businesses that quickly learn how to tell their story through video content will experience much better social media success than those that ignore it,” says Brian Gwinn, CEO of Greenview Investment Partners.

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Staying ahead of the curve will put you in a much better position to capitalize as we head into 2018.


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