5 Habits to Save Your Productivity During the Holiday Madness


Sometimes when people are talking about the upcoming holidays it’s like they’re talking about a job they hate, about work they accepted by manipulation and actually want to avoid.

In childhood holiday was simple: less school, more play, which equaled more fun, Santa and candies. But in adulthood you start turning a holiday into one big to-do list, filled with things you must do, and you must get them right.

So, how to maintain your sanity, and most importantly, enjoy the holidays, during this rush? Here are 5 effective ways to make it happen:

#1 Planning

Rather than scrambling at light-speed to meet increased demand during the holidays, your best bet is to plan ahead. According to HR expert Peggy Isaacson, before it gets really crazy, you should look back to the problems you previously encountered: “What were the hassles last year? Were you short-handed because too many people took time off? What did your customers complain about?”

When this becomes a daily occurrence, you have to take action.

We have that 24 hours per day, and to increase our productivity we need to follow some time management tips. And if you are a small business owner then try to use online business tools, which will boost your effectiveness.

#2 Say no to the parties

As Warren Buffett, the investor and CEO of  Berkshire Hathaway, once said, “The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say ‘no’ to almost everything.” Consider paring down your weekend events to just one or two a week. Rather than just outright declining the invitation, suggest to meet up after the holiday rush-the invitee will appreciate catching up when this craziness dies down.

#3 Stress isn’t always a bad thing

The good news is that some of your holiday-related stress can, in fact, be harnessed into effectiveness. Moreover, stress does, in fact, have some side-effects that boost productivity, like increasing your learning skills in short-term.

The key here is to make a habit of reframing stress and seeing it as a booster for productive work rather than a negative.

This is known as “psychological thriving,” and any athlete who has performed under pressure knows its rewards.

#4 Keep moving

As it turns out, fitness can be the one thing you shouldn’t miss out during the holidays, which can often be extremely stressful. If you aren’t going to make it daily because of last minute shopping, try taking a walk during your lunch break or even staying out on the dancefloor a little longer at the holiday corporative party. Your brain, and your stress levels will be extremely thankful for the serotonin they will be receiving.

#5 It’s time to say, ‘good night’

In the next few weeks, as there are a lot of celebrations, try using the phrase ‘good night’, instead of ‘one more hour,’  ‘one more drink’ or ‘I’ll sleep in on the weekend.’

Our schedules, diets and daily habits are already so out of whack during the holidays, that the least we can do for our bodies is to get some sleep. According to Harvard Medical School, a lack of sleep not only makes us tired the next day but actually impairs our mood, judgment, safety, work performance and overall health.

If you want to make a step forward in your business before New Year comes, contact us now, let’s make a working strategy for 2019.