5 Tactics to Make Your Website a Lead Generation Machine


Everyone who has website craves to create a conversion machine, which will allow them to convert prospective visitors into interested leads who will later become customers.

Optimizing your website to generate leads is not that hard, but requires strategic approach.

Firstly, we should understand the lead generation process. It starts when a website visitor clicks on a call-to-action (CTA) located on one of your site pages. The CTA bottom leads them to a landing page, which includes a form used to collect the visitor’s data. Once the visitor fills out and submits the form, they are then led to a thank-you page.

Lead Generation

In this article, we’ll go over some quick ways that actually work to optimize your website for lead generation. Let’s start!

1. Add forms to the pages that get the most traffic

It’s important to analyze your current state of lead generation before you begin so you can track your success and determine the areas where you most need improvement. Maybe there are pages that make excellent lead generators but you don’t even realize it.

To start, conduct an audit of where most of your online traffic and outreach comes from.

2. Measure the performance

While testing your lead generator you can use a tool like Website Grader, which evaluates your lead generation sources and then provides feedback on ways to improve your existing content.

Of course, you can run internal reports: evaluate landing page visits, CTA clicks, and thank-you page shares to determine which offers are performing the best, and then create more like them.

Lead Generation

3. Start with a basic CTA on your homepage

If your homepage’s design is what catches a person’s attention, the great CTA is what keeps it.

Your homepage sits at the top of the marketing funnel, and should therefore offer either a free trial or subscription to a recurring campaign, such as a newsletter.

Consider including one of the following CTAs on the front of your website: “Subscribe to Updates”, “Start free trial”, “Try Us for Free”, etc.

Powerful action verbs such as “get”, “feel” and “have” are strong compellers because of their active tone as opposed to “imagine having”, “imagine feeling” and so on.

4. Develop a live chat service for your website

Start generating leads through live chat, audit your website to see which pages your visitors spend most of their time on. Set up live chat on the pages where customers need the most assistance on information. This allows you to casually collect and log insight on their product needs while answering their questions.

Lead Generation

5. Nurture Your Leads

Always remember that leads are not going to magically turn into customers.

You should place leads into a workflow once they fill out a form on your landing page so they don’t forget about you. Lead nurturing should start with relevant follow up emails that include great content.

The question is what tactics are going to be your top performers? The only way to know that is to try each one, and maybe test it in a couple of different presentations. Every site is different, and what works in the marketing research doesn’t necessarily work on every site.

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