BE like a BEE! A Beginners Guide To a Memorable Marketing


Bees exchange only relevant information, operate under clear standards, and use straightforward measures and feedback to guide their actions.

 The Wisdom of Bees is a useful and entertaining guide for any manager looking to get the most out of his/her brand.

New to the world of Marketing?

Not sure how to push your brand and make your marketing stand out?

Arm yourself with these top tips to ensure you establish yourself with memorable marketing.

#1 Define your brand

To define your brand, first of all you need to clearly and expressively craft the statement of the type of the business that you are in, the type of the customers that you are going to serve and the way that you are going to serve them.

#2 Choose your colors

Visual appearance matters!

Before choosing your brand’s colors forget about your favourite ones, focus your mind on the colors that can support your brand. Consult with your designer. Let him/her present series of logos in  variety of colors. Consult your team, let them choose the best one.

Remember that choosing the color is not about what you like, it’s all about what your company stands for.

Note: Colors contain an incredible psychological power.

#3 Maximize Social Marketing

No matter how big or how small your business is. Strong and well-planned Social Media Strategy should be a powerful tool  for your business.

Take into consideration the following steps!

Devise a manageable strategy

Schedule suitable hours per week available for social media marketing

Concentrate on creative design

Content Creation

Content-engagement and interaction with followers

Use Analytics

Determine your target audience

Determine your message

Over To You!

Which have been the most effective marketing keys used by you that led your business to an explosive growth?

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