The great Call-To-Action generates great leads. And the great Call-To-Action makes your products irresistible to buyers.

What is a Call-To-Action?

In marketing, a call to action (CTA) is an instruction to the audience to provoke an immediate response, usually using an imperative verb such as “call now”, “find out more” or “visit a store today”.

Stop writing more content. Simply use these easy 6-step formula and turn your old content into a lead generating machine!



Your Call-To-Action should be powerful enough it should offer more benefit to the customer. Otherwise, your click-through-rate will suffer seriously.

Note:  The button placement and colour are equally important. Does red call-to-action button work best than green? It’s really hard to tell. One thing is certain. You should test every single segment of your Call-To-Action element.



Remove the risk element, and you will immediately make your offer more appealing and worth trying. Sure, nobody’s ready to part with hard earned cash. That’s ok. All you need to do is to leave  an email address and you’ll get this online course absolutely free. “Sign up now for a FREE trial. ” So, you’ll find your traffic doubled. What have you got to loose?

Whatever form it takes, a call to action provides your reader with an actionable task.



You may have different variations of one of the same CTA and you have found one CTA that works well? Great! But I bet there is one which will work even better. Create a couple of different options, and then do testing with A/B to determine which version of your CTA is more effective. Found the best one? Do that process again, testing the best one with the 3rd option.

Without a call to action, you’re wasting your best efforts.



Use commands, not demands! Always keep in mind that by filling out your suggested form or taking  some action on your website, your visitors are doing you a favour. Don’t demand any more things than they are already giving. Use some generic words.

Don’t: Submit
Do: Start my FREE trial.



This is a simple psychology. People are more likely to act, when there is a sense of urgency. Don’t lengthen your CTA message, just spice it up with words like “Today” or “Now”. You’re likely to see a boost in your conversion rate.

Don’t: Browse the Online Store
Shop Deals Now



When using curiosity, you will see an obvious increase in your sales, a boost in your traffic.

Curiosity is the desire to know something.

If you prepare your CTA in such a way as to create a desire inside your visitors mind to know what is the other side of your CTA, they’ll be more willing to click on the CTA button.

Emotional triggers such as trust, delight, surprise, fun, and most importantly satisfaction evoke curiosity in your users.

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