[NEW!] Stack Overflow for Teams – A New Way to Q&A


Good news!
Attention developers! Did you know the tools we all love are getting available for teams?
Earlier today Stack Overflow Announced Stack Overflow for teams platforms.
Though Stack Overflow’s solving problems that developers face,  more and more other organizations were using Stack Overflow for Teams, from college classrooms to entire startups.
This platform is a private, secure home for your team’s questions and answers. This is a good opportunity and a good tool to save time and focus on planning and building product instead of digging through tons of emails, slack conversations, and wikis.

Now your team will a have a place to put together all questions with a convenient and familiar interface to search, investigate and monitor already solved issues.

The Team’s data will be secured in a dedicated network and logically separated into its own SQL schema.

For large teams, there is robust Read API which they can use for custom intranets and internal systems, and as it is said in the platform official page, Stack team promise a Write API in a near-real future.

So, what’s left for us (stack overflow old users ☺) create teams and have fun!