News of the Week About Design Apps, Products and Tools


Get acquainted with the recommended apps and tools by Digilite’s designers which will make your day and work more interesting and unique. ?

Fun content with AR

This camera app allows you to explore your reality, augmented. Add Visiooons to your everyday routine and create fun content. Look around; do you like what you see?


ColorSpace is a currently developed tool to generate color palettes, CSS code for the gradient and much more!


Crello is an easy-to-use design tool for creating stunning visuals.

Use free templates made by professionals and customize them for your projects.

Inbox by Gmail

Built on everything we learned from Gmail, Inbox is a fresh start that goes beyond email to help you get back to what matters.

Use this instead of your terrible email web app!


Interbrand Paris is selling an “Eco-Friendly Brand Design Process” that suggests logos with less ink density to be more ecological and economical and offers examples of well-known logos and the ink “savings” as proof.

Let’s Enhance

The app enhances photos using AI, it removes JPEG artifacts, upscaled 4X, preserves quality. One-click and free.

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