Accounting firm re-branding, content and marketing strategy and website redesign

Website Redesign

Inflo is a leading Auditing and Accounting AI Software firm which aims to be the future of accounting with its innovative solutions. Sometimes a little rebranding can go a long way to freshening up the company image. This is exactly where we started our project with Inflo. The logo is the first thing potential customers encounter when being introduced to a company and, therefore, its first impression must be impactful. Within the framework of our rebranding strategy, we refined the bold, gradient logo and gave it a stylish rebirth. We maintained the same gradient consistently throughout other aspects of Inflo’s design. Now no one can pass by without casting a glance towards the colorful, new Inflo logo. The entire brand identity was then collected together to tailor Inflo’s company brandbook.

Responsive & Mobile Friendly

We also carried out a website redesign to brush up on a few elements while maintaining the initial structure of the website. This included: redesigning all web pages from a UX point of view and addition of more inner links to boost visibility and ease of access. Our newly developed ‘Pricing’ page automatically redirects each user to a page with the currency corresponding with the location of the user.

With the strong brand identity and website foundation in place, it was time to boost Inflo’s online presence. At the root of a strong marketing campaign, whether it’s content marketing or social media marketing, is the strategy. Without a tactful strategy in place, you’ll end up doing more work for less pay off. By analyzing recent trends specific to Inflo’s sphere along with best practices, we were able to provide them with an effective marketing strategy with anything from content planning to video marketing. Last, but not least, we optimized Inflo’s entire website to further strengthen their online identity. Within the time span of only a few months, our efforts paid off with noticeable keyword ranking boosts and organic traffic increase.

Inflo came to us with the aim to increase the company’s online presence and our team of digital marketing specialists executed their goal to its full potential.