Homeware retailer’s ecommerce and inventory management system

Custom Built eCommerce platform

Testa Homeware offers a wide range of must-haves for any home from homeware products to electronic household appliances. Our mission with Testa’s web development project was twofold. First, we started by creating a user-friendly public interface that would showcase the product catalog for visitors. With this in place, visitors could easily search and find any item from Testa’s selection of homeware products. Once this was complete, we moved to our primary task of the project which was to design and develop a custom inner stock management system for Testa staff members.

B2B Inventory System

We built a custom Ecommerce platform that allowed users to search, select, and carry out wholesale purchases, along with an integrated custom reporting and invoicing tools. This system would only be available via special access to users. Considering the importance of mobile optimization, we made sure that all of the features were mobile-friendly.

For Testa, we created an innovative solution with the integration of an automated invoicing system, instead of a manual one, and easy access to a custom stock management system.