WordPress 5.0 & Gutenberg. What Can We Expect?


15 years ago WordPress revolutionized how people created websites. This system gave millions of people a chance to easily publish their content, sell products and services, share visual content, etc. All without any prior coding knowledge.

share visual content

Nowadays, we can surely say, that WordPress is a member of World Wide Web “family”.

WordPress’s new version is going to completely change the way users add or remove content to their WordPress websites and is planning to replace the traditional text editor with a block-based one.

Let’s understand what can we expect from WordPress 5.0?

1. Security

Even though the system is fast and efficient, the exploit allows hackers to alter the content to some of the WordPress websites. Any security “fails” are a potential threat to companies, so WordPress is planning frequent updates to decrease cyber threats.


2. Mobile

WordPress regularly improving the mobile experience both for users and developers, which increases flexibility in adding and managing content on websites. So, maybe one day there will be no difference is website maintenance between desktop and mobile.


3. Simplified usage

The new version ensures providing easier website management and usage for beginners. So, this advanced customization feature decreases the need for hiring developers.


4. Gutenberg editor

WordPress 5.0 will include the new editor by default, called Gutenberg. It will make a whole user experience easier and more intuitive. Say hello to WordPress’s new approach to managing and editing content.

Gutenberg editor

The use of shortcodes and custom HTML has been transformed into “blocks”. With all the blocks being built into the Gutenberg editor, and probably many more to come, they added “Recent blocks” to try and help speed up the process of insertion.

This change aims to make rich text editing easier and accessible for everyone. And now with Gutenberg editor people have an opportunity to see how their page is going to look like on the go.

Moreover, embedding external content is easier now, with specific options for adding YouTube videos, Reddit posts, Tweets, Spotify links, and a lot more.
If you take a look at both the Gutenberg editor and the current visual editor, you can see just how much more writing space Gutenberg has, especially on smaller screens.

For people writing on laptops, Gutenberg is going to be a nice change of pace! It really is focused on “writing first” and is trying to provide a less destructive environment.

Certainly, in any essential update in the digital world, there will be pros and cons. And yes, people are excited to see how new tools and developments impact their websites.

For this moment, all we can mention is: start taking advantage of Gutenberg and be ready to make several changes to the way you create content. With the release of Gutenberg plugin in the upcoming months, it’s time to start discussing and preparing for the next update of our system.

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