5 Simple Tips that Will Instantly Improve Your Instagram Feed


Are you a social media marketing specialist or you have your own business and promoting it on Instagram? Then never miss a chance to know how to improve your Instagram Feed by just a few easy tips.

Instagram is a social platform where users can share their photos and videos with their followers.

So, it’s very important how your Instagram Feed looks like to make your followers more engaged with your content. Moreover, for business pages it’s like a business card that every customer visualizes and thinks what kind of business you are.

Also, Instagram began to remove inauthentic likes, follows and comments from accounts that use third-party apps to boost their popularity. So, now you should be more careful about what and how you are posting.

Ready? Here are 5 easy tips you can do right now to improve your Instagram feed.

#1 Choose a grid layout

A grid layout is actually how your posts are positioned in your Instagram feed. It makes easier to start a consistent Instagram theme. On the Internet, you can find some apps that will help you to organize photos even better.

Instagram layout example

#2 Choose a theme

Also, we can call it vibe, mood, style. You can create incredible good-looking Feed by just using the right theme. Just choose a theme based on your company identity. It can be grunge, moody, boho, tropical, colorful, minimalistic, etc.

Here is some more inspiration:
@thefattykid: White
@samejustdifferent: Dark
@byhannahrose: Vintage and orange
@saltyminded: Tropical

Instagram theme example

3. Choose what you want to post about

A good looking theme is not just about the colors of your photos and videos. It’s also about what you post and write about. This is an additional step. At first you should define what you are the most passionate about and what you want your Instagram to be known for.

@french.creative: Palm trees, coffee, quotes
@mich.elle.imagery: Books, coffee, nature

Additionally said, there is a specific timing to post your photos. According to the Instagram algorithm, best timing is lunchtime from 11am – 1pm and evenings from 7pm – 9pm.

#4 Natural light is your best friend

This isn’t new for you, but if you’re not using natural light when you take photos, you’re missing out. In this case, you’ll get higher quality and more detailed photos. The best natural light to take photos is:

  • In the morning
  • At the end of the afternoon

#5 High-quality pics always win

A blurry, low-quality photo can be seen from miles away. A high-quality photo looks attractive and inviting. It makes us want to double tap and take a look at the rest of your Instagram feed.

From lighting to editing, there are a lot of parameters to consider before and after you capture a pic – in this post.

You can use all these tips while creating Instagram stories. Here are 3 Secrets on How to Create Awesome Instagram Stories.

So, start making your pics “Insta-worthy” now!

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