Build Your Brand Around a Facebook Group


If you have a Facebook account, then you’re probably a member of a few Facebook Groups. And it doesn’t matter it’s a group for students or maybe a community of digital specialists in your country, you join them because of the high value that comes from it.

Facebook group is a place where like-minded individuals can share a common interest and express their opinion.

And if the group is made up of people who match your target audience, then here you have a lot of opportunities to find your potential customers. So, why shouldn’t you have your own Facebook group, where you’ll be able to connect with your target audience, interact with them and increase your company’s brand awareness and sales.

To be clear let’s remark the most powerful benefits that Facebook Group has:

  • Gather new content or product ideas
  • Make brand visible
  • Interact and engage with potential customers
  • Take advantage of a highly targeted audience

Setting up a Facebook Group requires a few simple steps but it’s the maintenance of the group that is tricky and takes effort. So, to build a valuable and engaged community you need to follow some tips.

Here are a couple of examples of how you can build your brand, around Facebook Group:

  1. When your group is private, there is a perception that something good is in there and that only people who joined the group have access to it. This is similar to the psychological effects of ‘private clubs’ like Starbuck’s secret menu and rock stars’ backstage VIP passes. So, make it private.
  2. When you screen potential members, you increase the quality of your audience. It means you can filter your “ideal customers”. If you set up your Facebook Group to require admin approval of new members, you can closely monitor the value that each member is bringing to the group.
  3. If you’re building a brand that will sell through service, a Facebook Group will be the perfect platform for making that happen. When you serve in a public setting, there will only be a portion of your followers who can really appreciate the value of what you’re offering.
  4. Your ideal customers will honestly express themselves in groups of people who make them feel safe and accepted. When you give your members a safe place to land, they will show you their true selves, so you can genuinely serve them, make a difference and win clients for life.

    A Facebook Group also has the special power of creating its own little economy, with recommendations, contracts, and money being exchanged in the group before anyone goes outside the group. A unique type of loyalty is formed, and with full participation, every member can benefit.

    Before you begin to build your group on Facebook, you need to decide why and how you’ll use the group.

    For example, you can create a community around products or establish authority. Once you’ve decided how and why you’ll use your group, you can start to build it.

    Good luck!

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