Facebook Launches Original Podcast Series About Business Building


Facebook has launched an original podcast series which provides lessons learned while building new businesses in the age of connectivity. Called “Three and a Half Degrees,” the podcast explores the advantages, opportunities, and challenges presented by connecting the world closer together.

It has a mission to bring the world closer together. It’s hosted by David Fischer, who is Facebook’s VP of Business and Marketing Partnerships.

In this project will be included business leaders, mavericks and entrepreneurs who share surprising parallels in values, visions, experiences and ideas.

Here is how Facebook describes it:

I listened to the first episode, which clocks in at 24 minutes, and found it to be pleasant and insightful. It tells the story of a businessman organizing a successful, socially responsible, business and how he inspired others to do the same.

The discussion does not include around Facebook itself. So do not expect to learn specific tips for how to use Facebook to build a business. With that said, there are lessons entrepreneurs can learn from and maybe even apply to their own business.

If you’re looking for a new podcast to subscribe to and enjoy listening to discussions with entrepreneurs, you should definitely check it out.

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