Keys to Grow Explosive Marketing Results on Pinterest


Being close to people that inspire you is a very good first step!

Pinterest is doing literally the same thing: Allowing people to get close to the brands, people and products that inspire them.

Do you still think that Facebook and Twitter are the be-all and end-all of Social Media tools? If the answer is “Yes”, think again!

…And say “Hello” to your business new best friend – Pinterest

Statistically,  in April, 2015 Pinterest had over 72.8 million users. Here are some facts that show why most businesses cannot just ignore the Pinterest channel.

  1. Percentage of all US social media users that use Pinterest: 30%
  2. Percentage of Pinterest users that are outside from US: 40%
  3. Pinterest’s growth in users outside the U.S in 2014: 135%
  4. Average time spent on Pinterest per visit: 15 minutes

So does your Pinterest page working for your business?

Does your business have seductive page on Pinterest, ready to appeal your target audience which in its turn will grow the number of your followers and increase your customer engagement?

If you are still thinking to get explosive results from your business by using Pinterest as a professional Marketing Tool, just let us know, we’d like to hear your plans.

We have shortlisted some useful keys that are MUST for every brand promotion on Pinterest to massively grow the audience.

#1 Pin constantly & frequently

#2 Pin High-Quality visuals only

#3 Use Keyword-rich descriptions for pins and boards

#4 Use Rich-Pins

#5 Optimize your Website to be Pinterest-friendly

#6 Build a community

#7 Confirm your Website

#8 Be useful

In addition, map a strategic plan to “tell” people about your Pinterest page. The more you “tell” people about your Pinterest presence, the more likely you will enlarge your engagement.


Which have been the most effective steps taken by you that resulted to an obvious growth of your business?

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