[NEW UPDATE] Google Stops Supporting URL Submissions to Its Search Index


On Wednesday morning Google announced a new update: it is killing off the public method of submitting URLs to its search index. The “addurl” page now redirects the users to the Google Search Console login page.

Google Webmasters said:

We’ve had to drop the public submission feature, but we continue to welcome your submissions using the tool in Search Console and through sitemaps directly.

The company did not say why it was necessary to drop it, maybe it was because of the spam issues.

Google says: webmasters should submit content only through Search Console’s Fetch as Google tool or via sitemaps.

And here is their latest tweet:

Want to let us know about new or updated pages quickly? Use Search Console’s Fetch & Submit for individual pages, or just have your CMS tell us directly with a sitemap file or feed.

A few hours after this announcement, the public submit URL form has been taken down. Now it looks like this.

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